Thursday, October 05, 2006

What is this?

Having trouble rising like a phoenix out of the dirty, stinky ashes that was your last relationship? Can’t get his voice, his face, his laugh out of your ever-lovin’ mind? Feeling like a big lump of nothing since he dumped you?

Need a shoulder to cry on? Think again. What you need is a step-by-step program that will get you out of the doldrums, get him out of your life and refresh your sense of super cute self so that you can go out there and conquer the world (and, more importantly, the foxy-boy population) once again.

I've written a book -- Getting Over the Dork You Used To Call a Boyfriend -- to guide you through the process so that you come out the other end a fuller, more exciting, happier gal. Along the way, I provide music, most weekdays a real and genuine song to download, that is good for wallowing in, kissing off, swearing off, working out the anger or just plain lollying around. Pub date is still TBD, but Delacorte is publishing in 07!

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