Monday, August 06, 2007

Hal :: My Eyes Are Sore

My eyes are sore
Too many tears gone and fall over you my girl
And happiness isn't for sure

Once you get what you're looking for

Hal, "My Eyes Are Sore"

Hal is a band, not a person. Just want to get that out of the way. This was definitely one of my favorite CDs of 2005 (I think it was 2005?) Super Beatles-esque Brit band that has the full blown wall of sound thing down. All the songs are gorgeous pop orchestrations that sound amazing on headphones. This song's lyrics are simple and sad, but the way they are executed is uplifting and makes me want to dance all flitty up the walls like a little fairy girl. This song isn't even one of my faves from the CD which is chock full of gems. I love the song "Coming Right Over" and when I am down, if I put it on loud and then louder still, it will always cheer me up. A highly recommended CD if you like your pop British, sugar pop sweet and lush like a snow white angora rabbit in a purple velvet coat.

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And I apologize, I totally stole that picture of Hal from this flicker account.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Maria McKee :: Drinkin' In My Sunday Dress

The telephone is by the bottle, which is always by my bed
From time to time I give it a rattle to make sure it is not dead

I will wait here for your call till I run out of cigarettes
I love to play the part of the damsel in distress
Flicking ashes in my coffee, drinking in my Sunday dress

Maria McKee, "Drinking In My Sunday Dress"

I'm back. Took a little leave to work on the follow up to the Dork book (I know, this one isn't even out yet) and to fiddle with some other projects. So back to sad songs and lost love laments. I fell madly and passionately in love with Lone Justice when that first record came out. Maria McKee, the lead singer of that long defunct band, has the most adorable spitfire voice, it cackles and spits at you but it's also so sweet which is why this song from her solo career is so awesome. My favorite part is at the end where she just starts yelling and freaking out and cussing and you know when she was recording this she was twisting and turning and kicking. There is venom in this here song full of every vice in the world. A great singalong for sad, sassy days. Maria McKee is making the rounds currently touring and she's still a spitfire.

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