Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Old 97s :: Book of Poems

Well it's bad luck and it's a hard luck story
And I'm sorry I ain't sticking around

I got a real bad feeling that a book of poems ain't enough

Old 97s, "Book of Poems"

No, a book of poems probably isn't enough, Rhett. I also like the line, "It seems like years ago, it was yesterday." How often has that happened? You have a day that feels like a year and when it's over and done for you feel like you've walked through coals from here to New Zealand. I like this one because it's from the perspective of a cool guy who has made a few mistakes and he's realizing he can't talk his way out of this one. From their CD Satellite Rides. Click on the link below because they just completed a new podcast and are apparently functioning as a band still in spite of Rhett's so-so solo career.

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