Thursday, November 01, 2007

Rick Springfield :: Jessie's Girl

You know I feel so dirty
when they start talking cute
I want to tell her I love her,
but the point is probably moot

Rick Springfield, "Jessie's Girl"

A classic 80s unrequited love song with a hammering back beat. Back when this song came out I thought, "Who wouldn't want Rick Springfield? He's so hot! I'd pick him over Jessie!" I'm old. You got to love how straightforward the lyrics were in pop songs in the 80s. There was no art to it. No subtlety. Just rhymes. It was just enough to work the word "moot" in.

Where is Rick Springfield now?

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Rie said...

Hey Clea--can't wait for the new book! Let's say the publisher's timing is perfect, even if I'm a bit old for the demographic.

(P.S. I reviewed your old book here:
Hope you don't mind me digging up a relict of my misspent youth...or something.)