Saturday, November 10, 2007

Of Montreal :: Voltaic Crusher/undrum To Musted Da

Everything is in the trash, and it's my fault
I've destroyed us, I know, it's unrecoverable

If there's a God he will repair your heart
If there's a God, send her an angel
Make him handsome and clever and not crazy

And you notice something wonderful
Someone to love her volcanically

Of Montreal, "Voltaic Crusher/undrum To Musted Da"

Whoa how I love the lyrics to Of Montreal songs. They are whack. While this song isn't from the latest release, "Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?" it's so wonderfully weird and peppy and dark all at the same time. This is a song, a gloriously poppy song sing from the point of view of a real jerk who knows he is a real jerk and who knows he's treated his gal horribly and has remorse but knows he cannot change. How's this for a line?

You gave me your hand, I gave you a fist, Please don't lose any sleep over me, baby, I hardly exist.


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iwant0blivion said...

Your website is so fucking retarded and moronic.... go get your stuff stuffed, what do you know about anything involving music or lyrics. you run a bias website... maybe "fist is a metaphor for not knowing what to do, insecurity, shallowness? what your site is based on... grow the FUCK up

iwant0blivion said...
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iwant0blivion said...

Oh AND>!>!>! Of Montreal is on tour!!! go now!!! and stop reading this pathetic website... go on a low-carb diet or pick up an excessive running habit as a hobby if you are so bloody upset! dating "dorks" makes you a real person... FUCKERS