Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Elderly :: Haga Nygata

I smile, pretend I'm happy
but I know it's just a lie
and the girls keeps passing by

The Eldery, "Haga Nygata"

Freaking-a I love this song. I love this song better than I love cupcakes. But I'm unsure about much of the lyrics. The band is Swedish, I believe and I can't find much more on them. But they clearly aren't singing in their native language, note the "girls keeps passing by" sentence. Haga Nygata is, I believe, a quarter or district in Goteborg, Sweden. And I think it's supposed to be a very romantic and artsy part of the town. And I'm imagining that this boy is sitting here in this poetic place, all alone, maybe even heartsick, intensely people watching. Now is this a break-up song? Maybe not. It's definitely melancholy and sad and a bit pitiful. And simply beautiful. Isn't it comforting to hear boys, whom I imagine are beautiful and blonde, sing with such doleful anguish?

I found this on Swedes Please, a Swedish music blog. This is not the same band, also called The Eldery, from the US, who play a sort of college-jam-rock that I dislike so. I have found no other song or info on this Swedish Elderly, sadly. That's quite poetic in itself, ain't it?

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