Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Charlotte Gainsbourg :: Everything I Cannot See

You're my life, you're my hope
You're the chain, you're the rope
You're my god, you're my hell
You're the sky, you're myself
You're the reason I'm living
You're all that I have to discover

Charlotte Gainsbourg, "Everything I Cannot See"

Did you ever see her in Jane Eyre with William Hurt? The Franco Zefferelli directed movie? Ohh-wee, it was good. I had wanted to see it -- I LOVE that book -- but had missed it and kept forgetting at the video store (still no Netflix for me, alas) and then when I was down and out and sick and home and in bed and in need of something, anything to watch, there it was, right from the beginning and everything. Charlotte was a great Jane, plain enough, but with this air, this majesty that made you understand how Mr. Rochester falls in love with her. Anywho, you may already know that her Dad was Serge Gainsbourg (if you know who Serge is, I'm sure you know this is her daughter) but in any case, he was a famous oft-controversial French musician. And her mom is chanteuse and actress Jane Birkin. But wait, I've not told you of this bizarre song. This is typical of her lineage-- it's a boozy, hazy, whispered lament of love and it's backed, as is the whole album this is from, 5:55, by the French band Air.

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