Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Soko: I'll Kill Her

I would have met your friends
We would have had a drink or two
They would have liked me
Because sometimes I'm funny

Soko, "I'll Kill Her"

If no one has ever told you not to take the advice of pop songs, let me be the first. Still, some folks find it fun to exercise their imaginations and plot wildly horrible acts, in song. This songs for you! This band is French, the gal sings in English with a heavy accent which makes the chorus, "I'll kill her" just sound so darn cute! The song is an ex-girlfriend's angry (but peppy and insane) threat to take out the new girl and a longing for what could have been. Okay it's more than a longing, it's a bit psychotic. The blog Another Form of Relief suggested the narrator was never even in a relationship to break-up from and that it's more a stalker-perspective ditty. I agree. Either way, it's perfect for this blog.

Soko's My Space Page

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