Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Anna Terneheim :: To Be Gone

Leave the body leave the mind
Leave the body leave the mind
Every promise every place behind

I just happen to feel so alone
For today for all days to come

Anna Ternheim, "To Be Gone"

You know I love the Swedes. Anna is Swedish and she's won a few Swedish Grammys and October 07 saw the US release of her second CD. This is from her first though. This song isn't clearly about a break-up, but it's so melancholy and delicately dark and, if you'd decided to sulk for an afternoon in your misery (something I think is ok as long as we are in fact talking about an afternoon and not an abundance of afternoons) well this would be really gorgeous and well, effective on that soundtrack. I like Anna, check out her new CD.

More about Anna.

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