Monday, January 14, 2008

A Smile And A Ribbon :: The Boy I Wish I Never Met

The boy-oy I wish I never met
The boy-oy I wish I never met

A Smile And A Ribbon, "The Boy I Wish I Never Met"

Okay so I don't know the lyrics, exactly. This is another Swedish band, this one comprised of Rebecca Melhman and Martin Lindqvist. Their MySpace page mentions that they basically took Rebecca's failed relationship and set it to music. Sounds perfect for this here blog, no? This song starts off slow, soft and fuzzy and then at about a minute and ten seconds in the drums and guitar kick in and it's a lovely low-fi pop gem that you can pogo round the house to singing "The boy-oy that I wish I never met..." It's still a little fuzzy and soft 'round the edges and that's just a-ok in my book. Their song "Book Cover" is equally fine for this mix tape and frankly, so is the rest of their tunes. Lovely!

More about A Smile And a Ribbon can be found here.

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Aesop said...

Hi, sis.This is a brilliant idea. I have a favorite breakup song, "Get Out of Here" by Thin Lizzy. It's on their "Black Rose" album. Actually, that whole record has seen me through some rough spots. It's like a pep talk from a buddy with some really killer guitar.