Sunday, March 04, 2007

Baboon :: Why'd You Say Die

You said "I'm gone. I made up my mind."
But I still want you back.
I said HEY! Why'd you go away?!

Baboon, "Why'd You Say Die"

This is one of those tunes that my husband had in his collection when we were dating and it caught my ear and stuck around. Make sure you wait around for the chorus where the emotion, the angst, the maniacal misery comes shooting out of singer Andrew Huffstetler with grisly intensity. And man, when he's not screaming, his voice is just drop-dead sexy. Oh and I love the swirling feedback-y guitars toward the end that speed up into the proclamation: "Oh God I swear I hate you..." This is one compact nugget of break-up pain, from 1996's Face Down in Turpentine.

Oh and Wikipedia says the band once appeared on Walker, Texas Ranger!

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