Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Let's Go Sailing :: Icicles

But I know one day the sun will come
And the icicles will have no choice but to melt
And I'll forget how this felt

Let's Go Sailing, "Icicles"

Doesn't sound like such a sad song, does it? I mean the purty strumming and there is a hopefulness to the music. I believe this band has members in common with Silverspun Pickups, and I like that band well enough but they don't sound like this. This is Pop Music, capital P. And one of the Haden triplets is a part of this outfit too-- is it Tanya? Man, I should have gotten my facts on them straight before writing about them. Let's see, they're going to be on KCRW live in studio on Morning Becomes Eclectic this week. Maybe even today?!

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