Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Affairs Uglier Than Your Own

First off, I will give kudos to the painting, which I believe Brian did paint. But um, yuck! What is seemingly smart and very talented Evan Rachel Wood (who is 19!) doing with Manson and so quickly after he is served divorce papers? This is all kinds of wrong.

You know what else is all kinds of wrong? I know here I go on the gossip tip again, but ugh. Several years back Billy Crudup left his then- seven- months- pregnant girlfriend (the very cool Mary Louise Parker or Weeds) for much-younger-than-he, Stage Beauty co-star Claire Danes (who was attached to singer Ben Lee at the time). Now it appears the Crudup thing has cracked because she was caught messing with her Evening co-star Hugh Dancy (Prince Char of Ella Enchanted, at right), who is mega-cute and closer to her age, but according to reports, a big ol' boy-slut. Wow, when I gossip, I go off.

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