Friday, January 12, 2007

Jenny Owen Youngs: F*!k Was I

Love grows in me like a tumor
Parasite bent on devouring its host

I'm developing my sense of humor
Till I can laugh at my heart between your teeth

Till I can laugh at my face beneath your feet

Jenny Owen Youngs, "F*!k Was I"

You could look up "break-up song" in the encyclopedia and it wouldn't be unheard of to think there could be a picture of Jenny Owen Youngs. Her song, "F*!k was I," is a somber delight of wonderfully self-loathing lyrics, the kind we internalize in times of heartache, but don't say out loud. Everyone has asked themselves this question at some point or another, right? Jenny Owen Youngs also does this song with a little electronic beat in her other band, The Robot Explosion. I highly recommend this tune, even though it casually throws out the F-bomb every three seconds. Eh, it's just a word. This song was on the Showtime series "Weeds" and she has gotten herself a little record deal so you can't even buy her Batten The Hatches CD now, you're gonna have to wait till it comes out big time. She's a clever gal this one.

More about her :: Her MySpace Page

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