Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tiga: (Far From) Home

My heart takes a hit,

And then my heart hits back

And each day I find comfort in the fact

I listen to my friends when they say
Man just relax, cause it's all a game

Tiga, "(Far From) Home"

Time for a little empowering dance music. This track from Tiga's May '06 release isn't a break-up song, exactly. But it is a call to believe in yourself, to muster up some self-importance, even when you're not totally feeling it. His reasoning? Because hey, you've always got a place called home. And by the by, I don't think "home" here has to mean that place you reside, although it could be. It's just talking about a center: your friends, your family, anything that makes you feel comfort and real and genuine and a-ok. This is ideal for mornings when you're hurting but you have to go on. You spin this tune, put on a little make-up and all the while you'll feel your spine straightening, your chin lifting. It will just put you in that can-do mood. Oh and this boy is from Canada— how I love the Canucks!

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