Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ryan Adams :: Come Pick Me Up

Come pick me up - Take me out
F&*k me up
- Steal my records
Screw all my friends - They're all full of s&*t
With a smile on your face - And then do it again

Ryan Adams, "Come Pick Me Up"

The best Ryan Adams song, ever, in my opinion. A break-up song? I could be stretching the boundaries of the definition. But still, to me, it's a song about how someone has done him wrong, so very goddamn wrong. The aching pain in his voice, echoed by the innate pain of the harmonica, it all adds up to a fairly devastating ride. The record was called Heartbreaker after all. I don't know if this song will make you feel better after a break-up, it could make you feel a whole lot worse and perhaps even force you on a bender. It has that sort of bend. God, it hurts and I'm happy.

Ryan Adams :: Full lyrics to this song :: Video of Ryan performing it on Letterman

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