Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Bird and the Bee: I'm A Broken Heart

All of our moments
have just become ailments
I'm haunted all of every day

The Bird and The Bee, "I'm A Broken Heart"

The title says it all, no? A lush lament for a love lost. The Bird and The Bee are Inara George on vocals Greg Kurstin on everything else. It's got Bacharach-like production with the gorgeous and ever-so-slightly slightly off-kilter vocals just round and full and pillowly. It's got pop-jazz horns and cling clang tambourine. This is from a brand new self-titled CD out on Blue Note. I highly recommend it and have to admit, most of it is applicable to Getting Over the Dork, with lots of tales of lost loves and missed steps.

The Bird and The Bee's MySpace page :: Buy the CD

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